Packaging Disposal Guide

P A C K A G I N G  D I S P O S A L  G U I D E 

with Banks Basics 


by the better packaging co. 
Our mailers have been mindfully chosen as they are a certified home compostable (AS 5810), they are fully biodegradable partly made from Corn Starch. Dispose of your mailers by filling them with food scraps and they will become food for the worms. These mailers will breakdown in your compost within 180 days. If you do not have a compost system we recommend handing over to an avid composter that will appreciate the double use of these bags. Or visit the PlanetArk website to help you find your nearest local compost facility. You’re welcome!

Our postcards have been printed on 100% recycled paper. We have utilised these cards to double as a thank you & care instructions card. Therefore you are given the correct care guidance for your pieces to ensure they will last season to season and stay out of landfill. Once you are finished with the card, please thoughtfully place in your general recycling bin. 



We are firm believers that simplicity is key, therefore we have kept away from the extra unnecessary boxes, stickers or tissue papers to post your order. Each order will be lovingly wrapped with our custom organic cotton Banks Basics printed string. Here are several uses for the string once your package has been opened. 

1. Store away in your cupboard and re purpose for that next gift you know you've already forgotten to buy wrapping for. 

2. Keep in your sewing kit and find a way to re purpose in your next project.

3. Utilise it as a belt for when those jeans on your mini just don't quite fit. 

please be mindful to keep stored out of reach of your children.



With small contributions, together we can all make a BIG difference and pay respects to our mother land.

Take the first step today by following our guide. 



Jo & Hayley.